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Classy Poms - Son Shine Pomeranians raises home socialized pomeranians in SW Ontario

Son Shine Pomerainians raises home socialized pomeranians in SW Ontario.Canadian Kennel Club registered Pomeranian Puppies for sale. Microchipped and Vet checked with their first shots.Excellent cuddly Pomeranian Puppies.Weaned and raised at home - Very affectionate puppies. Toy dogs are great companions for your home or apartment. Canadian Kennel Club Registered.County Licenced Kennel.We can deliver in SW Ontario or ship across Canada for shipping and travel costs.



CNR Pomeranians

CNR Pomeranians Carol and Rebecca Silverberg

Coat Funk

Coat Funk

Coccidiosis in dogs, cats and other animals.

Coccidiosis in dogs, cats and other animals.

Coleisha Kennels

Coleisha Kennels, Tasmania, Australia. Our dogs are part of the family and spend as much time in the house as they do outside. Although initially wary of strangers, once introduced they are extremely affectionate towards adults and children.

Collapsing Trachea

What is a collapsed trachea? The trachea, also known as the windpipe, is an important structure which connects the throat to the lungs. It serves the purpose of directing air into the respiratory tract. The normal trachea is tubular. It maintains its shape because of a series of rings made of cartilage. These rings do not completely encircle the trachea. They are 'C' shaped with the gap in the 'C' at the top. The remainder of the trachea is composed of a flexible membrane that joins the ends of the cartilage rings. When the cartilage rings are flattened from the top to the bottom, the trachea is said to be collapsed. Rapid inhalation of air can cause the trachea to flatten and makes it difficult for air to enter the lungs.

Columbia Pomeranian Club

Columbia Pomeranian Club located in Portland, Oregon.

Comia Pomeranians

breeding show quality poms from the Philippines

Cottontop Poms

Cottontop Poms. Linda Mulso. I am a member of the American Paint Horse Club and also a member of the American Pomeranian Club.I have been showing poms since 1995.


Cowboypoms.We are a small Show Kennel Located in Kipling Saskatchewan .

CR Pomeranians

Breeder/Exhibitor of Group and Specialty winning Champion AKC Pomeranians. Health Testing, written health guarantee.Dog Show Handling Available


Cryptorchidism, otherwise known as undescended testicles, undescended testes, retained testicles or undropped testes, is the condition whereby one or both of a male animal's testicles fail to fully descend into the scrotal sac (scrotum) after birth. Apart from the obvious cosmetic implications (e.g. one testicle is not acceptable in the show ring), cryptorchidism also has implications on the health, behaviour, fertility and breeding value of the affected animal. This page contains detailed information about cryptorchidism (undescended testicles) in cats and dogs (mention is also made of other animal species where appropriate). Cryptorchid topics are covered in the following order:


Allevamento CURIA PICTA Allevamento Spitz Pomerania di Elena Iotti, Corbetta, Italia, Pomerania Spitz americani e canadesi, kennel pomeranians and poodles in Italy

Cushing's Disease

Cushing's Disease